5 Essential Escalator Safety Features That Can Help Avoid Accidents As well as Litigation

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5 Essential Escalator Safety Features

That Can Help Avoid Accidents As well as Litigation

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Automated Messaging systems on escalators increases subway, bus and train station safety. They also offer new opportunites for train, bus and subway advertising.

Safety issues and managing risk are extremely important to building operators who have escalators and moving walkways.  The Mesriani Law

Group has posted an article on Infobarrel entitled “How To Avoid Escalator Accidents”.  In it they state that moving walkways and escalators are considered common carriers. They go on to state:  “It is written in law that the operators of these carriers should be diligent in keeping the users of their service safe.”  In order to keep riders safe and to avoid law suits operators should be diligent.  What exactly do the courts define as diligent?  That is the million dollar question …so to speak.  Mesriani Law Group lists 4 escalator safety features that can help avoid accidents:

  1. Anti-slide devices – Also called “hockey pucks”, these devices are found on the balustrade and prevent riders from sliding down the metallic surface.
  2. Combplate impact switches – These stop the escalator from operating if an object gets caught between the step and the combplate.
  3. Deflector brush – They are usually found on the side of escalators, above step level. They prevent items from getting caught on the gap between the steps and skirt board.
  4. Emergency stop button – May be found at each end or at the balustrade, this button will stop the elevator during an emergency.

All four of these escalator safety features can help reduce accidents and litigations.  We would like to introduce you to a fifth one that is currently being utilized by the New York City Subway System, The Port Authority of NY & NJ and the new World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.  Automated messaging systems installed into the escalator or walkways can remind passengers of safety issues.  This is an escalator and moving walkway safety feature that can help to riders avoid accidents as well as help reduce your exposure to litigation.

Imagine a busy airport and a family arrives after a long flight.  They are riding the escalator and their young daughter sits down with her long hair touching the steps.  Just then an automated announcement plays “For your safety do not sit on the escalator”.  Her dad reaches down holds her hand and makes her stand up and they carefully exit the escalator.  A tragic accident never happens because dad is reminded about how to ride safely….  all because a safety message is played on an automatic messaging system.   Sound View Electronics manufactures state-of-the-art automated messaging systems for escalators and moving walkways.  Our systems have been used in airports, subway, train and bus stations.  They also can be utilized in casinos, hotels, arenas, amusement parks, large department stores and malls.  Our automated messaging systems typically deliver safety, directional, informational or advertising messages.  However we can deliver any type of message necessary to meet many needs.  Visit our website to learn more about automated messaging systems for escalators and walkways www.soundviewelectronics.com

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