Automated Announcement Systems For Casino Escalators

Escalator at Las Vegas Casino

Automated messaging systems on casino escalators deliver safety, directional, instructional and advertising messages

Escalator Announcement Systems
Help Guests Move About Casinos

Our automated announcement systems can help you keep the flow of people moving by giving them directions or instructions while they are on your walkways or escalators.  When your visitors leave the casino and are on the escalator you can give them directions for restaurant locations.  Our systems are a unique and novel casino advertising vehicle.  Imagine riders have just received the restaurant location message…the next message could be to inform them that if they show their room key they  will receive a complimentary glass of wine with dinner at Giovanni’s Italian Bistro. Please ask us about our turnkey casino advertising program–we will do all of the work and you share in the profits.

Helping To Increase Casino Safety

Our automated announcement systems for escalators and walkways can enhance your casino’s moving walkway and escalator safety program by helping to prevent accidents with rider reminders to step carefully upon exiting.   Imagine a couple has been out on the town and they stop in to your casino for a few hours of gambling.  It is very late and they are tired.  As they ride the escalator, the woman leans against the handrail.  Her long gown dances precariously close to the stair treads.  An announcement plays saying “Please stay clear of the sides of the escalator and hold the handrail.” She stands erect and the accident that could have been horrific is avoided entirely.  Isn’t that why people come back to your casino… you mind the details that make their stay extraordinary? By the way, avoiding this accident will make your insurance carriers and legal team happier too.

Casino Advertising Ideas & More…

Casino escalators at The MGM

Messages on escalators and walkways can direct customers into your casino and restaurants.

You can  drive more guests to your restaurants  or to gambling lessons by announcing the dinner special or poker lesson, time and location while your guests are riding your escalators .  We will be happy to custom design a system to meet your specific needs.  Our speakers come in seven different configurations.  We make speakers that connect to glass panels as well as speaker enclosures in stainless steel and brass. This ensures that they are not only functional but stylish, too.  Our amplifiers are designed so you can have one or two separate message sequences play on each escalator and walkway.   Your messages can be recorded to play in one or multiple languages to best suit your needs and accommodate your guests.  Messages can be loaded or updated via a USB flash drive, SD card or via the Internet.

Do you have an idea for an automated messaging system for your casino that would be located somewhere other than an escalator or walkway?  By all means contact us.  We are very skilled at problem solving and will be more than happy to discuss your particular situation and work closely with your team to develop the best automated messaging solution for you.

Sample Casino Messages:

  • “Attend our free gaming lessons every Tuesday from 1PM to 3PM.  Learn how to play blackjack, roulette, craps or poker.”
  • “Come to our Sunday buffet.  Enjoy gourmet appetizers, fine seafood, scrumptious main dishes from around the world and decadent deserts.  All for $16.95.”
  • “Stop by the hospitality desk to become a member of our Super-Slots club.  Earn valuable points that can be used for a free room or meals.”

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