Automated announcements for Stores and shopping Malls

Escalator announceent Systems can keep riders safe, direct them where to do, give them instructions and even deliver advertising offers to them

Automated retail store sound systems on escalators can deliver safety, directional, instructional & department store ad messages

Announcement Management System Provides Advertising Opportunities Under your Control

Our Announcement Management System (AMS) allows you to use your computer to control the messages that play throughout your store or shopping mall. These messages can be played intermittently with your background music. Alternatively they could be heard from new speakers that have been installed on your escalators. Sound View offers innovative solutions that can even be affixed to glass sided escalators, a unique solution that no one else offers. All of your announcements can be controlled from your computer or managed by Sound View Electronics. Advertising messages can be scheduled to play whenever you like and can be changed easily and as often as needed.

Automated Escalator Announcement
System Increases Store Safety and More

Sound View Electronics automated messaging system offers malls and department store operators the most advanced systems for communicating with their escalator riders. Many view our system as a retail store announcement and escalator safety system, which it is. However that is just the beginning of our capabilities. In addition to delivering automated safety messages, our automated public announcement system can deliver directional and instructional messages as well as retail store advertising. We can also deliver custom messages to fit your unique needs.

A Good Place For Subtle Advertisements and Department Store Ads

Originally our system was adopted by the New York City subway system. Our system was used to direct escalator riders to take care riding escalators. The goal was to increase rider safety and decrease injuries and lawsuits. We built a system that could stand up to the harsh environment of the subways. All of our systems are shock, vibration and vandal resistant. Our amplifiers are encased in sealed enclosures to insure that dust and dirt cannot hurt them and all of our six different speaker options are water resistant. The final challenge was to deliver crisp audible messages to riders. Now, these systems are used for delivering advertisements in a subtle manner to your patrons. The system then pays for itself by generating sales or by producing a revenue stream.

Evolving To Meet Your Needs

We have evolved our product line beyond our original rugged speakers to include sophisticated, elegant options that will blend in with the décor of the finest stores and shopping malls. We have low profile speakers or flush speakers that are barely noticeable for your metal escalators. For glass escalators or walkways we have speakers that are specifically designed to attach to the glass panels and provide clear, crisp sound. These can be inconspicuous or you can use our color highlight option that can provide a distinctive and attractive look.

Mall escalator

An automated announcement system on a mall or department store escalator increases retail store safety, helps to direct people and offers new retail store advertising opportunities

We will be happy to custom design a system to fit your specific needs. Our speaker enclosures come are made for steel or glass, making them as beautiful as they are functional. The glass speakers are unique to the industry and allow messages to by played in a myriad of locations. With our amplification systems you can have one message group or two separate groups playing on your escalators. Do you need to communicate with people from diverse cultures? No problem! With our system you have the option to have your messages play in one or multiple languages. Messages can be loaded or updated via a USB flash drive, SD card or via the internet.

Following are a few examples of how our automated escalator announcement system can be used in a mall or department store.


Sample Messages for Stores & Shopping Malls:

Safety Message

“Please gather your children and your belongings as you carefully exit the escalator. “ Maybe you are in an area with a large Hispanic population – no problem! Our messages can be delivered in any language and we can sequence the system to deliver your message in both English and Spanish. “Por favor, reunir a tus hijos y tus pertenencias con cuidado la salida de la escalera mecánica. ”


Maybe people always have a hard time finding the customer service department… “If you are looking for the customer service department please exit the escalator, walk straight to the women’s department and make a right. The Customer Service Department is in the back right corner of the store.”

Directional & Advertising

How about this for a mall: “Stop by our information booth on the 2nd floor, next to the center set of escalators, for a mall map and coupons that can save you money at many of our fine stores.”


Let’s say you have an escalator that goes to customer service… “If you are returning an item please make sure you have your receipt with you and be ready to present it to our customer service representatives. This will help us to serve you more quickly – thank you.”

Department Store Advertising

Just imagine utilizing your escalators to drive more sales by delivering quality retail store advertising on our system. Imagine that one of your escalators delivers riders in front of the ladies department. Riders hear: “Visit our ladies dress department and take advantage of our 30% off sale on summer dresses.” Some women think… “I could use a new dress; I think I’ll take a look”. Or maybe you are a mall operator. Riders coming to the food court hear: “Join us in the food court for half price specials at We are Salads until 6 PM.”

Mall Advertising

Imagine selling ads to a food court store:

  • “Join us in the food court for half price specials at We are Salads until 6 PM.”

Or maybe selling advertising to Boxer’s a clothing store:

  • “Don’t miss the special sale all this week at Boxer’s for 50% off designer jeans.”


These are examples of win-win situations and a perfect recipe for successful mall or department store advertising. If you would like to see how this could work for you, contact us, and we’ll be glad to discuss it.

If you have a special need that is not mentioned here, by all means contact us. We will certainly do our best to help you with any custom automated announcements.

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