Announcement systems For Stadiums & Arenas

Gateway announcements improve the flow of attendee arrivals and reduce congestion.

Control Announcements Across Your Entire Facility From Your Desk

Announcements are valuable through all facilities in keeping guests informed. On the way in, patrons need to know how to get inside quickly and how to find their seats. As they ride the escalators they need to know where their section is. When leaving you may want to inform them of safety precautions that they should take. All of these messages can be handled with Sound View Electronics’ Ultimate Announcement Management System (UAMS). UAMS allows the facility to move messages to each area and have them played according to the desired schedule.

These messages can be at entrance gates, on escalators, or in public areas. These capabilities are the most flexible in the industry. Announcements can be scheduled by day, time, date, or period. Hundreds of messages can be stored and managed according to the facility’s needs.

Gateway Announcement Systems Inform Event Attendees

Sound View Electronics Gateway Announcement Systems provide a convenient way to notify arriving patrons of the quickest and safest way to reach their seats. They also broadcast security rules and the proper steps to take at the entrance checkpoint (remove cellphones from pockets, open purses, etc.). These messages assist attendees by accelerating their entrance to the facility and their arrival at their seat.

The Gateway Announcement System can be switched to an alternate message when an event is over so that fans can be told of the best way to exit the parking lot or to announce upcoming events. Messages can effectively communicate safety, marketing, or directional information in any public area.

Sound Systems on Escalators Increase Rider Safety

Sound View Electronics automated announcement systems for escalators and moving walkways can help arenas to keep their large crowds moving and aware of safety issues.  Just imagine your home team won a real nail biter…the crowd is ecstatic!  They are riding the escalators and celebrating.  Little Jimmy has sat down on the escalator without anyone knowing.  His Dad hears a message to hold children by the hand and that sitting on the escalator in not permitted.  He sees Jimmy sitting and gets him up and ready to carefully step off of the escalator…the accident never happens.  The people behind Jimmy do not trip on Jimmy and the crowd does not pile up at the bottom of the escalator.  Our announcement system for escalators can help prevent accidents like this. Our systems not only keep crowds flowing but they can also reduce insurance costs and help avoid law suits by helping to keep riders safe.

Escaltor sound systems for Arenas & Airports

Arena automated announcement systems can deliver safety, directional, instructional and advertising messages

Automated Announcement Systems Speed The Flow of People

Arena sound systems for escalators and walkways can also help instruct and direct the flow of crowds.  Imagine riders are coming up the escalator for the big concert.  As they come up they are asked to check their tickets and those in sections 200 – 250 should go to the right and those in section 300 – 350 should go to the left.  You could also add a safety message just as they are about to exit the escalator.

Arena Advertising Ideas

The announcement system can also be used for advertising.  As riders are exiting the escalator for the ball game they can be directed to the concession stand where there is a special on a hot dog and a beverage!  Or maybe you might want to offer a special on team jerseys.   At the end of the game, on the way out, the pub across the street could pay you to run an advertisement… free beverage with a meal when you present tonight’s ticket.  Don’t have the manpower to sell ads?  Ask us about our turnkey advertising system; we do all of the work and you share in the profits.

Here is an example of how our system is being used by Chase bank located at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The escalator goes from the Chase branch lobby up to their private banking department which is right next to The Garden.  As the riders ascend they see sporting memorabilia and hear recorded cheering from actual Garden events.

Arena Escalator

Arena messages can direct your riders to the proper section or level for their seats

Our escalator and moving walkway announcement systems can deliver one or two message sequences on each escalator or walkway. They can also deliver these to your riders and do so in any language you like, improving moving walkway and escalator safety for all customers.  Our amplification systems and six choices of speakers are built to stand up to the harshest environments.  They are the preferred escalator announcement system in the New York City subway system.

Have a need to communicate with riders of your escalators or walkways?  Contact us.  If you have a unique need that is not an escalator or walkway, feel free to speak to us.  We will work with your team to develop the best solution for your situation.

Sample Arena Messages:

Upon entering:

  • “Please continue up the next set of escalators for sections 300 and 400.”
  • “Please open purses and remove cell phones from pockets.”

Upon exiting:

  • “Advanced tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth.”
  • “Save your ticket stubs.  If the home team wins today, get a free beverage with any sandwich at any Sammy’s Subs tomorrow.”
  • “Patrons should be aware that there is a ride home station stand available for any patron needing assistance.”
  • “Patrons are reminded that a designated driver can insure that everyone gets home safely.”

For specific events:

  • “Circus fans can take an elephant ride during intermission at section C.”
  • “Home team fans: remember to stop by our souvenir shop on the mezzanine level.”
  • “Playoff tickets will be on sale Monday morning at 9:00 am.”


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