Messaging Options for Escalator & Walkway
Automated Messaging Systems

All of our messages are professionally recorded. The messaging options for Sound View Electronics escalator and moving walkway public announcement systems fall into four areas:

Safety messages –   Our safety messages decrease rider accidents and injuries, improving moving walkway and escalator safety, while reducing the operator’s risk of lawsuits.  Over time this may help to reduce the operator’s insurance premiums.   Example: “Please do not sit on the steps or the handrail.”

Directional messages – Use our automated public announcement system to direct passengers to the correct platform for a subway, direct them to the baggage claims area in an airport or to wherever you want them to go.  Example: “Please stay to the right for the local trains.”

Instructional messages – Instructional messages can increase the efficiency of the flow of people by instructing them what they need to do after they exit the escalator or moving walkway so that movement is uninterrupted.  Example:  “Please have your boarding pass and identification ready after existing.”

Advertising – Escalator ads create awareness and inform riders of specials at a nearby stores or in a department of your store.  Messages can also advertise future events, shows, concerts, etc.  Example:  “Visit our ladies dress department and take advantage of our sale on all summer dresses.”

Message Possibilities:

  • Directional announcements – “Baggage claim is downstairs to the left.  Rental cars are to the right.”
  • Instructional announcements – “Please have boarding pass and identification ready after exiting”
  • Marketing and store specials – “Visit our gift department for special savings today”
  • Dual message groups:
  • Upon entrance – “Please stand to the right, walk to the left”
  • When rider is nearing exit – “You are approaching the end of the walkway, please step carefully and keep moving”
  • Advertising messages remotely loadable – “Specials savings are available in the food court every Saturday evening from 8PM to closing.”

Custom applications can be provided to meet any specific requirement.

Benefits of our messaging systems:

  • Professional recordings are stored in non-volatile memory.  They will be retained even if power is lost.
  • Messaging can be programmed in any language or multiple languages
  • Continuous loop or motion activation of messages

Our prerecorded public announcement systems offer very valuable escalator and moving walkway safety features.  Messages can be updated locally or by our remote updating system.  Our messaging systems increase the quality of the experience of your patrons and they offer cutting edge advertising possibilities.

Sound View Electronics also offers dual messaging amplifiers.  Two separate groups of messages can be played on the same moving walkway or escalator from one amplifier.  At the beginning riders hear: “Please stand on the right and walk on the left”, while riders nearing the end hear “You are approaching the end of the moving walkway.  Please watch your step and keep moving upon exiting.”

Message Updating Options:

Sound View Electronics customers are able to have messages changes frequently or to have the same messages played indefinitely. The table below summarizes the message update possibilities:

Frequency of message changes  needed Update method
   Never    All messages pre-loaded with delivery of system
   Infrequent updates needed    New messages sent to customer – customer installs
   Sound View delivers and installs new messages
   Frequently changed    Remotely updated by Sound View via Internet

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