announcement systems for convention centers

Convention Center Announcement Management

Convention Center

Automated announcements can be used in entrance ways and throughout your facility to inform visitors of key information.

Trade shows and exhibitions provide an ideal opportunity for the announcements and messages to be played for patron information. When multiple trade shows occupy your convention center you may want to welcome and notify guests of directions to their specific events. Announcements could be marketed to your individual exhibitors and generate revenue for your facility. That will pay for an announcement system many times over.

Easily Manage Announcements for Multiple Conventions

With the Sound View Electronics Innovative Announcement Management Systems (AMS) you can control your messages in multiple areas and zone from your desktop. Announcements can be scheduled by time, day of week, or date. You can prepare your messages weeks in advance and arrange for them to be deployed at the appropriate time and day. Multiple trade shows can be effectively managed by directing messages to the proper escalators and public areas.


Message Configuration for a Typical Day

Public Areas:

Convention Crowd

Announcements played on or near the exhibit floor can notify attendees of key events and advertise booths to visit.

  • East- “Welcome to the 32nd annual hardware exhibit.”
  • Central- “Please attend the keynote event at 10:00 am in the grand ballroom.”
  • West- “Stop by the Lowes booth #307 for free gifts.”


  • East- floor 1 to 2- “Tonight at 5:00 pm Home Depot will serve light refreshments.”
  • East- floor 2 to 3- “Welcome to NYC Comicon.”
  • West- floor 1 to 2- “Transportation information is at the information booth…”
  • West- floor 2-3- “Welcome to the Public Education Principal convention.”
  • Central- “This evening’s dinner is in the Exhibit Hall ballroom.”





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