Sample Messages for each business/industry appear below.

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“You are approaching the end of the moving walkway. Please watch your step and keep moving upon exiting.”
When going through security, please have your picture identification out and ready to show the agent.”
“Baggage claim is downstairs and to the left.  Rental cars are to the right.”
“Please exit the walkway ahead and move to the right for all Cloud Airlines gates.”
“Please stand to the right and walk on the left.”
“Please dispose of beverages before going through security.  Trial-size toiletries, 3.4 ounces or less, are permitted but they must fit comfortably in one quart-size clear plastic zip-top bag.”

Amusement Parks

  “Skip the lines; Ride-Express All Day tickets are available at all ticket counters.”
“Pre-paid customers please enter to the right.  If you need to purchase tickets, please use the booths to the left.”
  “For your safety, please do not run on the walkway.”


Subway, Train and Bus Stations

“Hold the handrail and keep walking upon exiting this escalator.”
“Baby strollers, push carts and pull carts are not permitted on the escalator.”
“Do not stop at the end of the escalator.”
“Always hold children by the hand.”
“Please hold the handrail and attend to all children.”


“Please continue up the next set of escalators for sections 300 and 400.”
“Advance tickets can be purchased in the arena lobby area.”
  “Save your ticket stub.  If the home team wins today, get a free sandwich at any Joe’s Diner tomorrow.”


  “Join us in the food court for half price specials at We Are Salads until 6:00 PM.”
  “Don’t miss the special sale all this week at Boxer’s. 50% off all designer jeans.”
“Stop by our information booth for a mall map and coupons that can be used for savings at many of our fine stores.”

Department stores

  “Visit our ladies dress department and take advantage of our sale on all summer dresses.”
“Please stop by the shoe department for our huge selection of women’s’ designer shoes.”
  “Buy one/get one at 50% off in our children’s outerwear department through Sunday.”


  “Every Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 3PM, attend our free gaming lessons.  Learn how to play blackjack, roulette and craps.”
  “Come to our Sunday buffet.  Enjoy gourmet appetizers, fine seafood, scrumptious main dishes and tasty desserts.  All for $16.95.”
“Stop by our hospitality desk to become a member of our Super-Slots club.  Earn valuable points that can be used for free rooms and meals.”


“For assistance with dinner reservations, taxicabs or things to do around town stop by our concierge desk.”
  “Enjoy breakfast on the terrace.  Omelets, fresh baked breads, cereals, assorted fruit and waffles are served from 6:00 to 9:00 AM.”
“Enjoy breakfast on the terrace.  Omelets, fresh baked breads, cereals, assorted fruit and waffles are served from 6:00 to 9:00 AM.” “For your convenience, you can print your airline boarding pass in our business center.”