Escalator announcement  systems
For subway, train & bus stations

Improving Subway, Train & Bus Station Safety

escalator messaging systems help keep riders safe and the flow of traffic moving

Automated messaging systems for escalators deliver safety, directional, instructional and advertising messages to riders

Sound View Electronics escalator and moving walkway automated messaging systems are the most durable and versatile on the market.  Our systems are built to stand up to the toughest environments and are the preferred messaging systems installed in the New York City subway system escalators.  They utilize safety messages to remind passengers of safe riding practices in an effort to reduce accidents.   The New York City subways present one of the toughest environments in which to operate an automated messaging system. They needed a system that is vandal resistant, water, shock, vibration and dust resistant as well as one that will not lose the message(s) if the power is interrupted. Their needs also included speaker enclosures made of durable stainless steel.  They gave us the challenge and we came through for them.  Our automated announcement systems are in many subway stations throughout New York City and in the new World Trade Center to enhance the safety of their escalator riders. When a bus, train or subway system reduces accidents, they not only reduce their insurance costs but help reduce the risk of litigation by helping avoid accidents by specifically reminding riders to adhere to safe riding practices. Our messages can be delivered in any language and we can deliver a single group of messages or two message groups, improving escalator safety for all your riders. Our messaging systems are normally used to deliver safety, directional, instructional or advertising messages. However, we also can deliver custom messages to meet your specific needs. When riders are reminded to exit the escalators and walkways the safe flow of traffic is enhanced.  This improves the rider’s experience and satisfaction which can only increase ridership.

Automated Messages Help Keep People Moving

Directional messages are used to keep traffic flowing.  Imagine a busy station and people from out of town are getting off the escalator, walking a few feet and stopping to read the signs to find the exits.  This causes a bottleneck as other riders have to find their way around them…. Now picture the same scene with an announcement directing riders to keep moving as they step off of the escalator and to the exits.  The out-of-towners get off the escalator and walk to the right and the flow of traffic is smooth and easy with everyone just a bit more satisfied with their experience.  The New York Port Authority uses this exact type of directional messages to help keep people moving.

subway, bus and train escalator

Automated messaging systems on escalators increases subway, bus and train station safety. They also offer new opportunities for train, bus and subway advertising

Instructional messages can also keep people flowing.  Imagine riders taking an escalator or walkway to the platform.  If riders are instructed to have their tickets out or where to buy an “easy pass” card the traffic flows more smoothly and riders are not aggravated with hold ups. Once again the rider’s satisfaction is increased.

Advertising Opportunities for Subway, Bus and Train Stations

Our messaging system can be used for advertising in bus stations, train stations and subway stations.  Imagine turning your escalators and walkway into profit centers instead of a cost!  Picture this–it is early morning and riders have gotten off their bus (or train or subway).  They are groggy and as they ride the escalator they hear Joe’s Coffee Shop announce their special on coffee and danish.  They want coffee and they head to Joe’s.  His sales profits increase and so do yours.  Now it is the end of the day and riders are leaving and hear an ad for Ben’s Steakhouse where they can receive a two-for-one offer on their favorite beverage.  Once again Ben’s sales increase as your escalators increase your revenues….  Just imagine an escalator with a turnkey advertising system.  We do all of the work and you get a share of the profit!  Give us a call to discuss how we might partner with you.

Have a need not listed here or for an automated messaging system someplace other than an escalator or a walkway?  Contact us.  We pride ourselves on problem solving.

Sample Messages for Subway, Train and Bus Stations:

  • “Hold the handrail and keep walking upon exiting this escalator.”
  • “Baby strollers, push carts and pull carts are not permitted on the escalator.”
  • “Do not stop at the end of the escalator.”
  • “Always hold children by the hand.”
  • “Keep walking upon exiting this escalator.”

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